Remodeling a Fireplace

Considerations In Fireplace Remodeling

It is important to think carefully about fireplace remodeling before considering design ideas. A common mistake made by many homeowners is the selection of an innovative idea that costs thousands of dollars. You need to keep your remodeling project tied to reality by thinking about costs. Homeowners need to think about their maximum budgets when considering remodeling ideas. Instead of going into brainstorming with flexible budgets, remodelers need to set firm budget ceilings to keep costs in line. After setting your fireplace budget, you should then solicit quotes on materials and labor from local companies. By collecting price quotes, you determine if your maximum budget is in line with your ambitious design ideas.

Your next choice is whether to complete a project on your own or hire outside help. Homeowners who pursue their own fireplace remodeling projects need to have expertise in masonry to ensure project safety. This effort at cutting your project budget may not save much money because of longer remodeling timetables, wasted materials, and poor craftsmanship. In contrast, a general contractor with fireplace remodeling experience can be quite expensive. Your contractor may have connections to affordable suppliers, but also juggle multiple projects that can delay your remodel. Depending on the depth of your remodeling needs, you may need to combine some contracting work with your own labor.

Home Bedazzle ©

Before delving into detailed explanations of fireplace remodeling, you should allow yourself to do some window shopping. The Internet is a great place to view before and after pictures of home improvement projects. Home Bedazzle © is one of many blogs and websites devoted to displaying ideas to fireplace remodelers. The website & rsquo;s Fireplace Gallery shows the difference that can be made when you spend time and money remodeling your fireplace. You can see how homeowners incorporate their fireplaces into the rest of their living rooms by looking at floor-to-ceiling remodel photos. Home Bedazzle © also posts photos of fireplace remodeling projects featuring brick and stone along with tiled and hardwood floors.

Home Bedazzle © features several options for homeowners ready to proceed with their fireplace remodeling projects. The Tool Advice section recommends tool kits needed for fireplace remodeling ranging from budget tools to high-end materials. You can also order the website & rsquo;s eBook entitled & ldquo;Remodeling a Fireplace & rdquo; instead of purchasing more expensive books and magazines. The References section shows testimonials from eBook readers as well as visitors who have used the website & rsquo;s advice. As you progress, you can refer to the DIY Fireplaces Gallery to boost your confidence in the project.

DIY Network ®

Your best source for home improvement ideas may come from online presences for cable networks. Homeowners often refer to the DIY Network ® website when tracking down ideas for fireplace remodels and other improvement projects. The DIY Network ® airs programs 24 hours a day that deal with gardening, home improvement, and improved home lives. Homeowners without cable can still avail themselves of the network & rsquo;s expertise by heading to the DIY Network ® website. You will find videos as well as articles from DIY Network ® that bring your fireplace remodeling project into focus.

In the Fireplace topic area, you will be wowed by the resources made available by DIY Network ® . You can break down your search into specific elements of the fireplace by choosing flues, hearths, chimneys, and other subsections. Introductory articles on maintaining fireplaces and differences between gas and wood fireplaces get you started on your project. Videos showing unique projects like gas-powered bathroom fireplaces and remote control fireplaces fire your imagination. DIY Network ® also posts products needed for fireplace remodeling including tiles, tools, and fireplace accessories.


Fans of DIY Network ® should also head over to the website for HGTV ® . This network acronym stands for Home and Garden Television with programming that covers everything from fireplace remodeling to organic gardens. Your entry point into the website & rsquo;s fireplace remodeling ideas is the slide show offered in the Home Improvement section. This slide show features nine photos to stoke your creativity in terms of fireplace remodeling. These photos show fireplaces in the context of living rooms and studies to aid your brainstorming process.

HGTV ® offers plentiful resources for homeowners stuck in their search for fireplace remodeling ideas. You can click the Inspire Me! section to see photos of living spaces that may resemble your home. The website & rsquo;s features on fireplace remodels highlight seasonal design ideas, weekend projects dealing with fireplace components, and fireplace maintenance tasks. HGTV ® also posts videos of its traditional programming as well as video tutorials that bring to life fireplace remodeling ideas for homeowners.

Brick-Anew ®

You may not need to remodel your fireplace wholesale in order to raise your home value. Instead of tearing out bricks and mortar, you can head to Brick-Anew ® to purchase a Fireplace Paint Kit. This kit features five shades of paint, paint sealant, and cleaning materials that are priced below $200. The Fireplace Paint Kit from Brick-Anew ® is simple enough for homeowners to complete their remodeling projects without outside assistance. You can also learn more about your fireplace remodeling options by checking out the main page at Brick-Anew ® .

Brick-Anew ® lays out fireplace remodeling ideas that range significantly in effort and cost. The most costly and time-consuming idea is to tear out the fireplace and replace every component from scratch. Brick-Anew ® also encourages users to inspect their fireplaces for potential patches and quick fixes. The underlying theme of the website & rsquo;s fireplace remodeling ideas is that users should consider completing projects on their own. Prospective remodelers get some great ideas by looking through images submitted by Brick-Anew ® customers. You can use the Brick-Anew ® fireplace contest winners as templates for your own remodeling project. The Customer Testimonials section highlights remodeling projects using Brick-Anew ® products ranging from standard brick to granite.

Fireplace Remodeling And The Value Of Your Home

Homeowners with older properties may think about remodeling their fireplaces and chimneys. Before you undertake this project, it is important to balance the costs of fireplace remodeling with the effects on your home's market value.

Costs Of Fireplace Remodeling Projects

To boost your home value, you need to make sure that your investment is worthwhile. This investment is not restricted to money with time, energy, and inconvenience compounded over longer projects. When remodeling your fireplace, the primary costs emerge when dealing with outside laborers. Professional designers pay top dollar per project in exchange for unique ideas and top-notch artisanal skills. Labor costs slide downward as you look at general contractors and part-time laborers. Even if you complete a fireplace remodeling project on your own, you need to calculate the opportunity cost of spending your time on the project instead of at work.

Labor costs are only part of the picture when estimating costs for fireplace remodeling projects. You will need to find masonry products including stone and mortar to form the foundation of your fireplace. Decorative stone on top of the foundation layer can be prohibitively expensive for many homeowners. As you start your remodeling project, you may discover that the chimney needs to be refurbished to keep smoke moving upward. Accessories including fireplace screens, grates, and cooking tools add quickly to your fireplace remodeling costs. In the end, however, these costs may boost your home value significantly for a variety of reasons.

Enhancing Living Room Décor

Real estate agents throughout the United States understand the importance of aesthetic appeal. These housing experts know when they step into living rooms whether houses are marketable. The aesthetic appeal of a house is not strictly related to its outward appearance, furnishings, and appliances. A savvy buyer will look beyond the obvious selling points to finer details like the appearance of a fireplace. As consumers become better educated about home buying, the need for a stylish fireplace among other home details is critical. By remodeling your fireplace, you can increase offers on your home as it hits the market.

A fireplace remodeling project raises buyer offers, thanks to reduced credits and more effective advertising. Buyers and sellers in the housing market work out credits whereby the seller pays a certain amount to refurbish the property. Your new fireplace and chimney can preemptively reduce your credits, making for an easier negotiation with interested parties. Your real estate agent will also have a simpler time attracting interest by using your remodeled fireplace as a centerpiece. From brochures to online photos, your remodeled fireplace sets your living room apart from the competition.

Improving Air Quality And Safety

Living room décor is great when selling your home, but a remodeled fireplace can also save your life. You need only think of the endless fires set in your fireplace along with the accompanying debris and smoke. Older fireplaces begin to fall apart, thereby threatening the structural integrity of the chimney. As the fireplace begins to decay, the chimney may not be capable of removing all the smoke from your home. This inability to keep your home's air quality clean means that your family may be open to respiratory problems. You can reduce health hazards for your family and future owners by investing in a remodeled fireplace.

To ensure that your remodeled fireplace is safe, you should develop a relationship with your building inspector. A building inspector will look through new and remodeled homes to ensure that everything meets municipal building codes. Your inspector may also offer advice on remodeling and refurbishing projects that can help your home exceed these codes. While your inspector is not responsible for boosting your home value, it is important to follow his advice to keep your home safe. With your fireplace passing inspection, you can tout this remodeled element of your home to friends and potential buyers.

Keeping Up With The Latest Trends

Every homeowner has to balance classic design with the cutting edge when thinking about fireplace remodels. Your fireplace may reflect the artisanal roots and historical origins of your home. With this type of fireplace, you may be focused more on switching out old stones with new stones rather than radically changing designs. Many homeowners have basic fireplaces that were chosen based on budgetary concerns by home developers. You can eschew sentimental attachments to your cost-effective fireplace as you try to keep up with the latest trends in fireplace design.

The main reason to remodel your fireplace based on the latest trends is to keep your interior design consistent. As a stylish homeowner, you won't likely own the same couches, picture frames, and tables over a generation. With light remodels every few years, you keep your fireplace in the present instead of the past. This attention to a consistent design narrative has the consequence of improving your home value. Prospective buyers touring your home after a fireplace remodel will be wowed by the overall attention to detail. The highest bidder on your home needs to spend less money on remodeling the fireplace, which will create motivation for a higher sale price.

Showing Good Faith To Buyers

Homeowners hitting the open market with their properties soon find that home values are partially related to psychology. The overall economic environment in the United States can dictate how much a buyer offers compared to your appraised value. Potential buyers are looking for the smallest flaws and detriments in homes to scuttle deals. You can ease the initial tension common between buyers and sellers by explaining the fireplace remodeling project.

As you meet with interested parties, it is important to highlight the fireplace and tell its story. You should point out premium stone and accessories that would be included with the home purchase. Details about handcrafting by expert contractors and safety certifications show that you have put great care into your home. By pointing out your due diligence in renovating the fireplace, you can make an interested buyer more willing to pay market value for your home.

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